Chef BoyarT

His brother mostly just pinballs around the kitchen, but Tolliver wants to cook.  Sure, he whacks at balls with the miniature whisk and bats around balloons with the wooden serving spoon.  And he puts pots on his head.  But he can also stir gently and pour accurately and push buttons on the microwave.  He says “hot, hot” and blows before taking a bite.
If one of us is cooking,  he is there beside us, pulling our pantleg and asking to help.  And if one of us is not cooking and he is hungry, he practically takes matters into his own hands.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Sounds like you've got a one year old "pothead".
Good luck.


The Wendels said...

Life father like son.

Tiffany said...

Wouldn't that be awesome if someday he grew up to be a chef? Cutest chef ever!

McKenna said...

So adorable, I was just telling my kids the story of when they were little and they figured out how to open the corner cupboard and unload the pans. It's like winning the toddler lottery.