Little Shadow

In the bath tub, between teaching Tollie how to make "little splashes" and practicing back floats, Tucker uses the flexible shower nozzle as a microphone, belting out more Book of Mormon lyrics than I know.  Tollie is not yet repeating questionable showtunes, but when he limits his splashing to near the little range, Tuck stops mid-song to take full credit. 

Tolliver is at a stage wherein he mimics everything Tucker does.  Everything.  Tuck claims the good things -- Oh look, I taught Tollie to catch the ball/pat the bug gently/kiss the baby doll!  But he takes no responsibility for less desirable actions like throwing something in anger, jumping off the basement steps, or spitting out food.  For the most part though, Tucker's behavior is copy worthy.  And not only are Tolliver's parodies pretty charming, all this parroting seems to have strengthened his bond with his brother. 
If we’re around when the mail slips through the slot, Tuck runs toward the door to peek out and say Fank you. Tollie does it now, too.

I've admitted that the who-is-raising-whom-in-this-house lines can be a little blurry.  And I may have said it a million times but I just want to go on record again with: I'm so glad they have each other.


The Wendels said...

I'm so glad you *all* have each other!

The Shelton Family said...

As for questionable show tune lyrics, I can tell you exactly where I was driving a few years ago when Carter belted out "have another drink my dark eyed beauty"... Not what you expect from your 4 year old:)