Family Tree

Batten Disease has been hitchhiking, deep in the roots of our DNA, for centuries.
This tree, planted last year to memorialize Celia, was transplanted recently to root her to our land, to fix her, somehow, to the place we live.  The tree is small and not yet sturdy, and after something so precious was lost, there’s healing that comes with trying to help it thrive here.  The tree fills up a bit of empty space, lessens the ache, allows a little piece of our little one to live on.
*The Greater Atlanta Girls' Choir will give a concert to remember Celia and to benefit Batten research next Friday, May 31 -- 7:30 at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, downtown Columbus.  It's free, but any offerings given will go straight to BDSRA.

**Special thanks to Gary for taking care of the transplant.

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Sending you a check for Atlanta Girls' Choir/BSDRA day on the 31st. Love your post.