He says:

Holding up Sophie the giraffe, whom he'd dressed up and renamed:  Hey, today is Long Necky's birthday!  She's wearing hats and necklaces and she's playing the kazoo.

Under the piano, where he'd hidden for a self-appointed time out:  My heart says it's a little bit sad and a little bit mad.  Reaching up from under piano to slowly thump low keys:  And it sounds like this. 

Using K'nex construction toys, flying his latest creation in front of my face: Mom, look, it's a lighthouse fish rocket!

Working on his Leap Pad while I worked out nearby and answered eleven billion spelling questions:  Mama, you can spell and exercise at the same time!

At the dining room table, finishing up a game all by himself:  I win!  I make a great team!

Looking at his cupped hands which held the four wriggly worms he'd just caught, and hollering at me across the yard: These guys have some crazy to run out!

Standing at our bedroom window, gazing up: When the clouds get pink then it's almost time for bed.

Reaching for Tollie's hand through the crib slats and kissing his fingers: I'll see you tomorrow, Tollie.  And I love you.  


rht said...

This morning at the computer: My heart says it's happy and full of love, and it sounds like me laughing out loud as I read this blog entry!

Tiffany said...

What he says speaks right to this momma's heart!