after the beep

There was one day last week when the horn in the Jeep honked for forty five minutes.  The boys were in the back seat, Tuck, at one point, close to tears, and Tollie just thrilled to practice his own horn noises.   We got off the interstate and drove through downtown, startling what felt like half the city.  The maintenance man at the library eventually helped me disconnect the fuse, but the sound and the stress gave me a headache that lasted through the next day.
Andy had been in Iowa, and when he got home, he asked the boys how the week had gone.  They didn't mention going to work with me or tell about the time they spent with grandparents or even describe the day we went to the fair, but Tolliver told a really long story that went something like "Jeep.  Beeeep.  Mama.  Keys.  Beep beep beep.  Mama.  Car.  Uh oh.  Beep beep."

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Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

With Tolliver's red hair sticking up and all...doesn't he look a like the Road Runner?

Beep, beep!