summer's fading glory

We had a few unseasonably warm days a week or so ago, and since then it feels like fall has settled in -- school started, mums are blooming, darkness drops and the stars sparkle sooner.  Even after what were likely the last lazy heat-filled days, after pulling out hoodies and putting away flip flops, after waving to the sun's warmth for awhile, the boys still brighten every prospect for the future.


Audriana said...

Oh my goodness, Tucker helping Tollie put his shoes on is about the sweetest thing ever! I love how curious and energetic they are, and that you let them be :)

Blessings to your sweet family!

Christy said...

Tucker's looks are changing so much. They grow up so quickly. Tollie is so adorable. I see so much of Celia in him. I'm sure your kiddos are like mine...it's hard to tell them apart as babies and toddlers. Happy Fall!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Christy is so cool...she should move closer to you guys!