Top Ten

Top Ten Signs Jenni Is Away:

10. The kitchen sponge is dry.

9. The house is quieter - She talks a lot. I guess that is why my boys do too.

8. We've replaced "Excuse me" with chuckles as the response to bodily noises - and with three boys at home this week there have been a lot of chuckles.

7. The house isn't littered with lists and scraps of paper with blog ideas on it.

6. The washer and dryer are actually both off at the same time and the loads that have been done are HUGE.

5. The boys will actually be a little dumber by the end of the week.

4. I don't have to share my glass of wine with anyone

3. The TV is definitely on more but I'm educating these boys on the classics - Bugs, Daffy, Foghorn, etc. This is very important and worth the extra screen time.

2. There is a lot of "Mom-mom coming home yet  t  t   t?"

1. The blog is written without the benefit of Jenni's edits and inspiration, by the second string and sans photos. Imagine a messier version of all the pictures Jenni posts and that is what the house looks

Edited to add:
1. There is a tie for #1 after I posted this: Tollie can split his chin open on the steps and I can handle it without extra drama.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a week's worth of delightful "Daddy days" with your duo of sons!

Janna Shelton

Unknown said...

I still remember when my mom was gone (probably just overnight, maybe even just for the evening) at Tuck's age. I can still picture my dad (who never did the cooking) scraping the "black stuff" off of the burned grilled cheese sandwich he'd made me for dinner. He's never lived it down. So, watch out, you never know what Tuck will remember! : )

Unknown said...

Above from Christen (not really Jason)

The Wendels said...

You're braver than Mike by posting your list - he usually just waits for Molly to tattle on him as soon as I walk in the door.

rht said...

I love your posts, Andy!

Tiffany said...

Matt always comments on how quiet it is when I'm gone too! Hope tTollie's chin is ok!