Instagram may be the happy social media hub.

It's full of little boys with insects and little girls with milk mustaches and vacation vistas and cats for days and food galore.  Unlike some other virtual time sucks that tend to lean toward soul-depleting, Instagram feels generally full of more things that matter, bright spots in busy days.

1.  happy hunter
2.  good morning, spring!
3.  celebrating Easter in Iowa, Ellie and Celie (via iowa2323)
4.  Sunday morning at the hospital
5.  carrot cookies (thanks @lbbills)
6. April birthday #twotollivers

7.  Blue Apron (cauliflower couscous and beef brochettes)
8.  BFFs (for a minute)
9.  monkeys (via ccoyle9777)
10.  morning at the zoo
11. Franklin Park
12.  Billy Porter (thanks @mandydgalati)

13.  hammering at #homedepot
14.  leading the band (on a different day) at #homedepot #pvc
15. La Tavola is Tolliver approved #highlyrecommend #breadbaghat
16.  feels good to go to work
17. new every morning
18.  nursery help

19.  goodnight cows
20.  traditional tree swing picture
21.  big red tub #poppy's
22.  catching fish
23. designated driver (via angieallion) #vw
24.  fifty shades of green (via kristinpotsy)

25.  too big for chaperones @mkstahlohio
26.  Tervis toast to Virginia Tolliver
27.  red curls on Mother's Day
28.  buckets of sunshine #funniestshoppingtripever
29.  two year old tour guide
30.  fireside
31.  Broadway #highlyrecommend
32.  wagon on the way to the GHPL


McKenna said...

Love Instagram, such an easy way to keep up with everyone!

Kristy G. said...

I never thought of it that way but it is SO TRUE! Rarely do you see negativity there. Its full of inspiring quotes, people trying new things and defying the odds. Happy hump day!!

rht said...

Save #24! That picture reminds me of a certain prophetic photograph of Jenni and Andy...