some summer instants

1.  Pizza on the egg
2.  delivering dessert and daisies, with a side of dirt
3.  handsomest berry picking boys in the patch
4.  trough bath
5. "Celia pendant" (thanks @jnferris) 
6.  preK graduation

7.  making mowers #homedepot
8.  watching ducks
9.  on repeat #whatif
10.  on repeat (yogurt with blueberries, poppy seeds, slivered almonds, drizzled honey, dash of lemon juice)
11. Andy called them #free-onies
12.  popsicles in the shade

13.  park of roses with Grandpa Rod via @rht3627
14.  #almostfamous
15.  awareness weekend via @angieallion
16.  heart of Africa, with half of Ohio
17.  pool with cousins
18.  back at the berry patch

19.  hard working in here
20.  father's day
21.  #nmusaf #namesake
22.  checking out the distinguished service cross
23.  arnold room ceremony
24.  dinner and a show
25.  dinner with a digger
26.  music on the lawn, boys in my lap #thesearethedays

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Diana said...

Why these pics anchor me in sanity I do not know. But don't stop. I need them.