Sometimes I wonder whether the boys realize they're weaving days from a dazzling legacy. 
And then I wonder when the baton was passed, when we became the ones taking our children places where the earth erupts with magic, showing our own kids that they can fill their hearts without accruing a single thing.
Burr Oak State Park


rht said...

Try as he might, Tollie does not have a poker face. I am glad he decided not to jump off that stone wall. Hope these cousins will have lots of amazing adventures together!

Adam and Vicky said...

Oh wow -- well those are great weekend plans! Where is this lake?

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Is that the "Great Wall of Grandview"?


Unknown said...

William explained to me later that they were making chocolate milk. Wonder if that's what Tollie thought, too? cc

Andy and Jenni said...

Vicky, Burr Oak Lake is in Morgan County.
Dad, maybe they call it the Great Wall of Glouster? You been through there lately? Jan said it was a cool place for OU students to hang in the 70s... Not sure the city has changed much since then. Probs not the cool place anymore ;)

Poppy John said...

Glouster!...saw a guy get his ear bitten off in a bar fight there...(pre Mike Tyson). Later that week the guy traded his "stereo" for beer money and a radio.