After church yesterday, Tucker told me he knew lots of ways he could give God a smile, like by being kind and giving kisses.  He also told me I better not have any golden calves.
When his teacher asked the children to walk quietly, so they didn’t sound like a herd of elephants, he said he would use his best marshmallow feet.
And on the way to visit family recently, he exclaimed I am so lucky I’m rich in cousins!

Playing a board game together one rainy afternoon, he said Betzes don’t cheat. That’s what Daddy told me.
And wondering about birds flying all the way to the moon, he found my explanation of oxygen and atmosphere unsatisfactory and came to his own conclusion: That might be a good question for Daddy instead.

He repeats what I’ve said, which makes me glad in one way and guilty in another.
He tells his brother to mind his own business, and I admire the perfection of the insult even as I deplore it.
He says he thinks his sister might have wings, and I let that image rest in my imagination for awhile.

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rht said...

I like Tucker's theology!