April shower

Mom, Tucker just, Tucker just, Tucker just... I can hear his mouth working to line up the word -- Tucker just ax-i-dent-all-y hurt his toe on the rocks in the kitchen and now his toe is bleeding!
I know Andy is upstairs so I'm not alarmed.

Mom, I moved my chair over to the fridge and reached Tucker the cold pack.
I acknowledge his kindness.

Mom, footballs have points on both ends, points just like your elbow.  
I appreciate his analogy.

Mom, wheelbarrows only have one wheel up front, so you have to lift up the back with strong muscles and then you have to balance it very carefully so it doesn't tip over.
I wonder how he knows so much about wheelbarrows.

The shower curtain is closed, so I can't see him, but imagine him sitting on the floor in the middle of the bathroom, still wearing construction goggles.  He goes on to tell me about catching Grandpa Rod in a big net like a fish, to ask about when it will be grub season, to request that I put his blanket in the dryer right before bedtime.

I'm rinsing conditioner from my hair by this point, about to step out and dry off.
Um Mom, that's all.  I'm going back upstairs.  Enjoy your shower!


Christen said...

Imagine what these conversations will evolve into one day! You'll be so thankful that they are "talkers"!

Sue Kadlac said...

This is so awesome!!