the same red hair

If he came here to be a healer, if he came when he did to help us get through some monstrous grief, I am grateful, but I don’t want him to feel that responsibility for the rest of his life.
At a birthday party over the weekend a friend mentioned how much she sees Celia in him.  She’s right—those are his sister’s big brown eyes, her full lips and round face, the same red hair.

I think I believe in an afterlife, in some sort of religious sense, but I don’t have an entirely clear vision of what that might mean.  And anyway, that belief does not save me from any sorrow.  It does not keep me from missing my daughter.  I don’t want him to feel like that’s his job either.

I hope to see her again someday, but I am happy to have some pieces of her here with me now.

***If you live in Columbus and you'd like an easy way to help BDSRA, please consider donating to Mike & Mary Wendel's garage sale.  Drop off "treasures" at 5824 Thorngate Dr in Galloway this week after 5p, or shop the sale on Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May 16 from 8a-2p.  
ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to BDSRA, so that someday -soon- scientists can deliver the breakthrough we all believe in.

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