boys just wanna have sun

It rained for weeks this summer, but that seems easy to overlook now.  Despite the initial wet weather, and the way my children grimaced at repeated sunscreen applications when the sun was out, despite soggy corn chips and heinous mosquitos, it was such a good season.
I mean, all the backyard barbecues and outdoor concerts.  All the scooter rides and splash parks and zoo trips.  All the outside play.  The pleasant perfume of basil and bug spray.  The strawberry chins and watermelon chests, the skinned knees and dirty fingernails, the shaggy hair and sweaty brows.  All the lightning bugs and front porch books, the peach cobbler and apple pie, the green grass and grub habitats.  The bare feet and the naked bottoms, hammock swings and sidewalk chalk, campfire smoke and patio cocktails, time with cousins and ice ream cones.
I'm afraid it feels so normal, all the good stuff so taken for granted, and I just want to note every blessing.

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