Collected over the course of a few weeks, these images are a reminder to myself to try to let go of any worry that they will only ever be entertained by screens.
It might be really obvious from the pictures, but none of these "creations" are built following package directions or with pieces from a specific kit.  All of the boys' Lego bricks are stored together in one big tub, because their preference is really for free-building.  If our house had a soundtrack it might be the noise of a hand running through a trunk of Lego blocks in search of just the right piece.


rht said...

The one on the mantle is a Buckeye fan, right?

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
You know, if the boys could make a "working clock" out of Legos...and take to school to show everyone...they might get invited to the White House.


Andy and Jenni said...

It is, Mom! And the one below that is one of those binocular machines you put money in at places like zoos... can you tell? Dad, remember the candy dispenser Tuck made, and the coin knocked the jelly beans out the slot? I think he could handle a clock. He'd love to visit DC! Maybe he'd pick you as his chaperone :)

Poppy John said...

Sorry Jenni,
I'd love to, but Obama has a restraining order against me.


Kristy G said...

Bring the boys over! Logan loves 2 things, 1. the iPad and 2. building legos for hours...

We are going to IKEA Saturday to get another bookshelf not to store books but to store lego creations.