four year old fashionista

In December Tolliver adopted a wake up and get dressed routine, shorts and a t-shirt, all day every day.  Until we have to leave the house -- and then, invariably, a bit of resistance to putting on pants.

At bedtime earlier this week, ready to wind down after a bath, he was not at all interested in pajamas.  He chose dress pants instead, at least one size too small, with a bow tie and glasses.  I am trying to understand.
Tollie has strong opinions about what he wears, and I am not interested in daily battles over his wardrobe.  I know his preferences are not worthy of a clinical label.  My real objection stems less from things like the shorts themselves, but more from the idea that he might be cold.  Or that other parents are judging me.

He's not cold.
He's also not exactly the heart of fashion.
But he is happy.


Diana said...

I wanna be him when I grow up.

rht said...

At his age, you wore three bathing suits under "soft" outfits with moon boots and beads.... ; >

jan said...

I'm with you, Rosie. Andy lived in shorts, an LL Bean green vest, and rather lovely long socks ALL winter. So between bathing suits and shorts-in-winter, I think Tols is just where he should be!

Kristy G said...

Well, in his defense, it is 60 out today. Go for it Tollie!