the next day

When we told our family about this pregnancy, I felt myself keeping my excitement somewhere across the room. 

We all worried the baby could be on his way out of this world even as he was on his way in.

Death brushing past makes people hungry to connect to more people in a big push toward life, a celebration of surviving.

When Hank arrived, healthy, the room was soon full of people who love him, a celebration of surviving.


McKenna said...

"A celebration of surviving" ... beautiful. So happy for your family!

Kristy G said...

I can hardly handle the first photos of the boys admiring their new baby brother. You make me want more. XOXO

IsaakPresley said...

I hope you weren't pestered too often -- or better, at all! -- to have your born *perfect* (!) son "circumcised" (mutilated). Fortunately it's *finally* being abandoned. In California only 12% or less of SoCal boys are violated like that.

I found IntactAmerica.org to be an AWESOME source for intact care.