1.  three weeks old
2.  spring in Hocking Hills
3.  Easter Sunday
4.  Good Friday
5.  feeling: really tired, super grateful, extremely happy
6.  bedtime tunes

7.  when the sun wanted us outside
8.  afternoon vibes
9.  baby brother, one month
10.  potions
11.  what a joy
12.  when everything just kind of works out

13.  after school yoga
14.  Pizzuti collection
15.  setting records at seven weeks
16.  growing on each other
17.  six weeks, and several chins
18.  all the heart eyes

19.  one year of preschool under his belt
20.  doting fan club
21.  two months, and all the fingers in his mouth
22. Saturdays may be meant for brunch and books and naps
23. his whole face is captive to his mood
24. because they'll look different by tomorrow