It dawned on me this morning that my parents used to, most summers, drive our family TWO HOURS to visit the Ohio State Fair.  I texted both of them right away to say thanks, because it took us two hours just to get everyone dressed and lunch packed and sunscreen applied... and then only about ten minutes to get there.
The boys have never asked to ride anything besides the sky glider, but they do look forward to fishing and funnel cakes, and to visiting the butter cow, right behind the Herbert administration building.  Tolliver, having eaten three slices of bacon with breakfast, hoped to see the pigs, and Tucker ended up taking part in an invention contest at the youth building.  They watched the tail end of a mother cow delivering a baby calf and made friends with several roosters and enjoyed introducing Hank to lots of fair traditions.


rht said...

I am getting pretty good at reading Tucker's and Tollie's facial expressions, but I am very curious about what's in Hank's head! (You're welcome! Fair visits were FUN!)

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Poppy John needs to give Tolliver insight on "pigs" vs. "hogs"...his mother used to know (!)
What's the deal with the stringer full of fish? Did you get to keep them? Did you, as Kate (age 2) said, "cut their heads off and eat them!" (?)


Unknown said...

..."watched the tail-end of a mother cow" that was a good one.