from the phone

1.  making rainbows jealous
2.  wild things at the #columbuszoo
3.  when challenging and rewarding go hand in hand
4.  outdoor living room
5.  simmering in sunshine
6.  banana splits for breakfast
7.  spoiled baby
8.  making waves
9.  sit down paddle
10.  stealing drinks
11.  #ohiowa forever
12.  vacaysh
13.  big sistering like a pro
14.  sunsets in the state up north
15.  pool boys
16.  worshipping the water
17.  all the instruments (plus the martini shaker calling...)
18.  just one rib #jazzandribfest
19.  trying to get all three in the frame #gobucks
20.  shaving foam street fight #mulfordblockparty
21.  floating Lego boats
22.  first day, second grade
23.  warm afternoons, chubby thighs
24.  five months, and smile that consumes his face
25.  sunset on the cape, colors without names
26.  #allieverwanzered wedding 
27.  popponesset spit #sunsout
28.  boston commons
29.  on the move
30.  meditation all around
31.  baby toes for president
32.  more #poolboys
33.  artifacts attached to memories
34.  first tailgate #loyalaf
35.  goodbye bear
36.  feelings bordering on the evangelical
37.  #driller (the ball game, and the "what part of speech is catch?" inquisition)
38.  whole heart inside a small square
39.  first swing
40.  praying to remember
41.  good thing we got created with two hands, an eating hand and a picking hand
42.  buying mums #fallelujah

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