whoa. it's been awhile {from the phone}

1. baby, hold my beer #battlingbatten
2. three boys in the backyard 
3. tailgate ready
4. our breaks together are delicious
5. cocktails of pragmatism and positivity #grayfoundation dinner
6. lawn boy
7.  escaping the bath
8.  Bobcats against Batten
9.  laundry help
10. preschool pumpkin patch
11. sciencing the hell out of cereal
12. never met a sandbox he didn't like
13. let it last (naptime + babyhood)
14. storm trooper, little pumpkin, geode 
15. Betz boys on the treat beat #northmarket
16. tree climbers at tailgating
17. find him by following books like breadcrumbs
18. bringing home a baby bumblebee
19. #sobig
20. one of the only places the US government makes cents #denvermint
21. mile high
22. why limit happy to an hour?
23. the Betz family does Denver
24. #fallelujah
25. may they forever look around with love in their eyes, Amen.  #betzboys at a mosque
26. sharing Shel
27. Tolliver turns 5
28. so many reasons to be thankful, three of them right here
29. pretty much a feast for the eyes
30. a little piece of their sister
31. two dates for dinner, and only one of them was waving at other ladies.  #spagio
32. introduction to Bill Nye
33. #betzboys do Southside
34. tell me what you want, what you really really want
35. oh what fun! #inglisprogrodinner
36. love him more than Ohio loves football
37. there was nap in the other room with my name on it, too
38. we loved her.  to death, as it turns out. #fiveyearsgone
39. slow mornings are my favorite
40. sometimes people pay me to talk #pinchme
41. Chinese lantern festival
42. noon years eve #ghpl

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