an incomplete list

Hanky is really good at lots of things!
Here's an incomplete list, at thirteen months:

shooting basketball

reorganizing the pantry

"reading" books to himself

keeping us awake all night

checking gravity (ie dropping things: food from highchair, toys from stroller...)

calmly signing milk and more

opening the refrigerator, and screaming for more milk

escaping the lap belt and standing up in the grocery cart

unpacking boxes

playing the piano

eating markers

sniffing his nose like a rabbit

waving and saying bye-bye

1 comment:

Poppy John said...

Hank My Boy,
It appears you are ready to multi-task...try this...
Stand up in the grocery cart-
Reorganize everything you can reach-
Open and unpack all the boxes-
Check gravity by throwing away the bar code sticker from each item-
"Read" the milk carton and scream for more-
"Shoot" numerous cart items into the open top aisle freezers when mom isn't looking (!)

"Bye-bye", have fun, I love you,
Poppy John
Remember, mom and dad can't return you without a receipt!