What color?

Sometimes I wonder whether our children will know how to run a proper vacuum. Will they know how to count coins, how to brew their own coffee, how to grow their own food? I mean, we can teach them most of these things. But their world is full of so many time-saving tricks – of fridges that order groceries, of hovering discs that sweep the floor, of drive-thrus and instant dinners and temperature controlling apps, of baristas and high-speed blenders that make pints of juice in eight seconds flat.

Sometimes I wonder what the boys will do with all of this extra time, all of the hours that are saved or borrowed or stolen. Will they spend days dreaming or staring at a glowing screen? Will they play instruments or play tennis or play with their own children, will they invent solutions or bake cookies or take naps or create art? What color will their minutes be?

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