large and looming

Sometimes I have to put things here, to remind myself of their truth.
We postponed the moving company three times this month. They're coming tomorrow. {Or else.}
It will take awhile to get settled, to unpack boxes and to locate bed sheets and to stock groceries, and for it to really feel like home.
But real happiness isn't something large and looming, it's little every day joys all lined up in a row ::
a warm breakfast and enough money to pay the bill, a long hug, an ordinary sunset, growing boys and good books to read, a new wreath on the chimney, a tall glass of bourbon at the end of the day... simple things, small and numerous and already right here.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

ZAC-LY (!)


Susan Kadlac said...

Merry Christmas Betz Family!
May your new home be blessed with peace and love for all the Christmas's to come!