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Maintaining a relationship while raising healthy children can be hard, but it feels particularly challenging when your child has complex medical issues.
Courageous Parents Network asked me to write a bit about how Andy and I kept our marriage alive while our daughter was dying. The publish date coincides with international Batten Disease Awareness day, June 9. Visit Courageous Parents Network to read the full essay, and please consider sharing the link.


rht said...

This amazing article reminds me.... you and Andy will be celebrating another anniversary this month! Please let us know which night the boys will be staying with us! ; >

Ashli said...

Jenni, I started following your blog several years back when my mom (Adina Ryan) worked for BDSRA.

I read it before I had children of my own, and connected so much with Celia's story and the story of your family.

I don't think I've checked in on your blog in the last four years since my own daughter was born, but I wanted you to know that your words, your parenting, your love for your family has so deeply influenced me as I now raise my own children.

I don't know if I ever realized it until today, but there are so many tangible, distinct things that have become important to me as a parent that I know came from reading and learning from your blog... how to voraciously love your family, to let the little things go, to encourage the couch forts and insect hunts and messy creative projects... mostly to be so, so grateful even in daily life for these little ones that we can never take for granted. I don't know how to word it, but only looking back have I realized how much your sweet little family has influenced my own so, so much.

I am so happy to see you are still sharing. Thank you!

Ashli Nixon

Andy and Jenni said...

Ashli, this is SO NICE. What a treat to hear from you. I'm going to try to message you!!