new year's eve

I look at the boys and see curious minds, sparkling eyes, capable hands, enormous hearts.
Hearts open to new things, minds eager to learn more -- that may be the best definition of smart?
Regardless, they are ready to go back to school.

Sometimes I will need to remind Tucker to focus on what's left to learn, rather than proving what he already knows. Sometimes I will need to help Tolliver smother any small embers that glow with doubt or fear. Sometimes I will need help with these things myself.
The boys spent the summer turning over heavy stones, looking for creatures and discovering treasures, developing hunting instincts that will help them search for answers too. I hope they will also find things they love to do, problems they want to overcome, people they want to spend time with.

Amid the paper pushing and the content coverage, may they have rich, hands-on learning experiences and rigorous academic challenges, may they have teachers who savor good words and respect sensitivities, who demonstrate a spirit of experimentation and allow for the possibility of being wrong.

As the boys head to first and fourth grade, I want them to know they are always right for trying.
And that, more than anything, they are loved.

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