happy hours

If you want to find reasons to despair, the world will not disappoint.
If you want to find reason to smile, look no further than these boys with their fish.
The boys had a short break from school, so we spent a long weekend at Poppy's house in West Virginia. They mostly went from french fries for breakfast to fishing all day, but the best part may have been that Aunt Sally brought great Grandpa Jim over, so four generations of Betzes got to cast lines together. The weather was gorgeous, like fall coming in slow motion, the sun not quite ready to close up shop, perfect for sitting on the dock with cold drinks and warm s'mores.
Poppy had a skeleton scavenger hunt prepared and new magic tricks up his sleeve, plus a thumb for Hank to hold the whole time. Grammy had plenty of time for gator rides and golf lessons, and lots of patience for sticky fingers and loud voices.
Coming home, the boys got to carve pumpkins with cousins and share a meal with more family. Great grandparents and grandparents, aunts and cousins, all in one weekend. Such lucky boys.
While they certainly have a way of finding happy in every single hour, they also help me put great thanks into every single day.


Poppy John said...


B-E-S-T W-E-E-K-E-N-D E-V-E-R !!!

Thank you, Aunt Sally


rht said...

I love those pictures -- the smile on Jim's face -- Hank's arm around his brothers -- good stuff!