tired as a mother

noun: mother
verb: mom so hard

one definition: a person who does many small tasks, all the things that might only draw attention if they didn't happen

see also : sherpa, chauffeur, trash holder, referee, injury kisser, dance partner, story teller, appointment scheduler, short order chef, finder of all things lost, lie detector, kiss stealer, cheerleader
Sometimes I bring something back from a trip, maybe a little husk of confidence, a tendril of compassion, enough energy looping round to resume the lunch-packing routine.
Sometimes, though, I am tired. Sometimes I have to travel deep inside myself to find the strength to unpack suitcases and wash and fold and put away all the laundry.

Motherhood is lovely. It is exhausting. It is both.

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rht said...

(But you and Kate make me grateful for all the meanings of motherhood.)