called to notice

One morning last week Tuck peered outside and said: It looks like the trees are performing magic tricks! 

His words awakened me from the trance of daily circumstance, from slicing berries for lunch boxes and spreading jam on bread. That kid is inclined, always, toward joy without special occasion.

Where once the woods out our south windows were swarthy, suddenly sprang tiny green pom-poms on the ends of spindly branches, a yearly miracle.

The season is stunning, but blink and you might miss it.

Last night rain fell in heavy musical drops onto the metal roof that stretches below our bedroom.
This morning the tulip tree's fancy dress puddled in the driveway, pink petals, once soft and suede-like, now brown and bruised.

I am consoled by the first stalks of peony plants, and by the knowledge that summer produce is in the pipeline.
And I am reminded to look around and be amazed right now.

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rht said...

Beauty in words and pictures! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate this fleeting season.....