Iowa in Ohio

Our house has been full of friends all week, and the boys have been spoiled by the attention of extra adults. Sometimes it feels like calendar Tetris to get everyone together, and always I am fairly tired after so many late nights in a row. But there is something about spending enough time together to hear each others small stories -the ones that don't warrant a phone call or Facebook status update, something about sharing run-of-the-mill familiarities of our days -the ones where our kids won't eat what we cook one minute and make us super proud the next- that reminds me how lucky we are to find time to spend together.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
What long time, great friends! Looks as though everyone had a blast!


Hey, do your neighbors still get upset when the Iowa people park their tractor in front of your house?

rht said...

Yay for those precious friends who become family!