Together, apart

Two weeks away began without reservation and with unprecedented hospitality plus a sunrise hike that brought a double rainbow. We survived a six hour time change and celebrated three March birthdays in Hawaii - spending blown out candle wishes on new Lego sets and whale sightings and safe Hana driving, and also on global health and political pluck. While not oblivious, we were mostly pleasantly distracted.
Home again, we're swimming in as many feelings as there may be fish in the pacific.

We were mostly disconnected, blissfully devouring frozen treats and tipping kayaks under a low slung sun. Our phones pinged with travel restrictions and curve-flattening efforts, but we are only now beginning to catch up on news and sentiment here, a drastic shift to a disorienting dichotomy. Like Welcome home to a place you've never been.

I am not quite sure what to do but unpack souvenirs and record memories, hug the boys and wash my hands and feel astonished, over and over again, at all the world can hold.


rht said...

Ahhh - the blog! Wonderful pictures of your family being silly and thoughtful, adventuring together. My world feels a little more normal this morning. Thank you and welcome home!

Susan Kadlac said...

So glad you were able to have a wonderful trip. Hawaii is so beautiful and I remember feeling like we were removed from reality when we were there (more than 30 years ago!!). You will handle this crisis with grace. You have survived much worse. Stay safe.

PS I don't know if you still have any virtual contact with Melissa Riederer (the person through whom I started following your blog) but she and Andy and their three children are now living in Greece (a work assignment Andy sought). They are all doing well and facing much the same situation with this virus as we are here. #needmoretests #socialdistancing#flattenthecurve