like a plankton net

I go through life like a plankton net, trying to trap each funny remark. There are so many silly faces and scraps of paper, and I cannot record every single configuration of words, every microscopic algae sway. 
Sometimes I manage to write one down before it slips through.

Does mac n cheese imply the existence of PC and cheese?

When you're young you have really big ears so you can hear more things than when you're old.

Have you ever felt so sad or frustrated you wanted to take a vow of silence? Sign language might be a good thing to learn.

This (plain, greek yogurt) tastes almost as good as rainbows!

You know the piano things that have legs and feet? On the papers? *music notes

How old do you have to be to be a ring burier?

Those fries just made it to my stomach hall of fame.

Why doesn't everyone believe in loving everyone?