all the emergence

I wander around the yard, not doing any work, just taking in all the emergence. 
Just trying to ignore all the dirt. 

The mason bees have hatched. Bulbs are sending scouts toward the sun, and buds blink open from branches. Mother Nature’s to-do list seems steadily ticked off. Mine, not so much. 
I basically just feed the boys, and fold laundry. Plus manage school at home.

The guy loading groceries into the back of the van this afternoon wondered how many refrigerators we have. Not sure fridges matter as much as the mouths of three growing boys.

All around me life appears in a state of anticipation, seasons and meals and immunity alike, and it feels like a certain forward movement may prevail.

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rht said...

You are loving those boys and Andy! Don't ever doubt the importance of your presence in each day's small moments and little conversations...