narrating the details

Constant art projects. Paint and glue and scrap paper cuttings on the floor forever.
Dad, vermillion's one of the third set of colors, right? 
Maybe? You mean tertiary?
Yes. And magenta too. Isn't how you make magenta with red and purple?

Me, mostly to myself: How did I forget that? 
Maybe you're just forgetable, Mom.

Building with wooden blocks:
When I grow up I'm gonna be a construction worker, and this is the good news: Everybody can go to Hawaii because I'm gonna build a bridge all the way there.

About Bath and Body Works, at the sample hand soap station: I could live my whole life in this store.

Apropos of nothing:
To us: You guys are so parent-noid. 
To his brothers: Would you rather live without your penis or your teeth?

On numbers:
You need like 101% coffee in your cup, but the 1% would overflow.
How many days do you think it would take an inchworm to get from the edge of the patio to the fence?
Also, over the long weekend:
I woke up at 8:21. Tomorrow I'm going to try to sleep 39 more minutes till 9 o'clock.

Sounds like thirty nine minutes of quiet.

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rht said...

I remember scrap cuttings on the floor forever, lots of interesting questions, and smiles whenever we would visit Bath and Body Works!