the whiplash of it all

Just four days into spring break at home and we've done it all. Except swim in the ocean, I guess.
A traipse in the woods and a stroll through the museum, a fresh stack of library books and another pile of laundry. New mudroom cabinetry to organize, and the reminder that change can arrive by rearranging things, and also sometimes by rearranging thoughts.

The boys have been bored enough to help make smoothies, make pancakes, make every single floor puzzle we own, plus arrange shelves. Help from small hands sure takes a moment, but it can make one too.

We've watched Disney's Turning Red and admired the forsythia, gone for haircuts and scrolled the Anthropologie sale, raved about five star public school teachers and recent report cards and perfectly ripe avocados sliced on soup. There seems, always, to be more in the way of abundance when we're on the path of paying attention. Despite meds to reduce fevers and more news of protracted terrorism, there are local cocktail menus to browse and good candles to light, plus permission not to make sense of it all.

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rht said...

Flowers, floor puzzles, fighters... hope the fevers are all gone.