love, on a platter

My family asks a lot from me. I've trained the boys to do that and it's a dynamic I enjoy. I still ask my own mom for things - Turn these old curtains into a duvet cover? Bake something for the cake walk? Pick up the shoes I had shipped to the store?

Tucker had to complete a project for school, modifying a recipe to add nutritional value. He knew we sometimes mashed avocado into banana bread, used honey instead of sugar and applesauce rather than oil, but he asked for my help. We looked up the benefits of cinnamon and compared the ingredients of prepackaged muffins and practiced folding over the edges of open bags to keep things like dark chocolate chips relatively fresh. He made typically brilliant conversation and a really impressive slideshow and delicious muffins, and I enjoyed time in the kitchen with him.

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Poppy John said...

you really are special! We are so proud of you!
Plus, you have better hair than the musk ox (?) in the picture behind you!
You rock, kid!