some summer, so far

June arrives freighted with possibility. 
Summer’s first act, the whole season ahead looming in the imagination: berries and barbecues and baseball, smore's and summer camps, some time out of town if we’re lucky.
The boys have access to green space and are only a short bike ride away from the pool or the library. They have rediscovered toys and tools, folding paper and reconfiguring LEGOS and leaving a trail in their wake. Turns out root beer floats and lake air are this week's drugs of choice. 
We have all been reminded of the mammoth power of modest joys. 
With May went any semblance of routine. Like, the wheels fell off and the dryer setting is on permanent hot mess. The promise of June is, I guess, one of escape: from winter, from the school year, from everyday life into a more magical and sun-dappled time. 

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rht said...

Your boys look determined, ornery, relaxed, curious, and happy... all good stuff!