It's not unusual for someone Tuck's age to spend ample time with his whole heart pressed up to sound. He is in band and choir this year, both directors having agreed to share him on a rotating basis. And when he's not playing the piano at home (or helping Andy write a song...) he has ear buds in, listening.

We've tried to let music be like a secret Tuck discovers, and not wisdom we pass down. I mean, I may have forced some Broadway showtunes early on. Recently Tucker proved to know more than Andy about one of his favorite bands, The Black Keys (instrumentation and song keys and backstories) and it felt like a very specific kind of wonderful.
*grateful to friends for the generous gift of time and tickets, making for a very memorable first live music experience

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rht said...

I did not realize I was a melophile until I read this blog entry... and did you hear Amy and Tripp talk about the sacrament of music this morning?