Fact v Opinion

Fact: Celia loves Grandma Jan.
Opinion: Here, they look a bit like twins, simply separated by time.
Fact: This Japanese website generates a neat vintage photo. And it's free.
Opinion: It may be possible for Celia to look too cherubic, too angelic.



rht said...

...and that lovely vintage photograph doesn't even show that they have the same, identical, GORGEOUS red hair!

Poppy John said...

1) A=B
2) B=C
Therefore: It may be possible for Grandma Jan to look too cherubic,too angelic.

Cool,huh! Just curious.

Adam and Vicky said...

Sweet . . .

And we have a computer program that does similar things, along with converting the photo to look like an oil painting or pencil sketching. You can also do other really neat things including weird but interesting types of distortions. I believe one can download a free version . . . I think that's how we got it . . . it's called Paint.NET. We've had a lot of fun playing with it!