Cory and Bridget are home safely in Iowa now, and we already miss them.
There are lots of things that make it easy to glue us all together in a friend collage... dates at Spagio, nights out in Vegas, Diet Mountain Dew and Helluva Good chip dip, walks on the beach on Anna Maria Island, baby girls born the first week of March... Last week only added pieces to paste on an enlarged canvas.The week flew by -- We took the girls to the zoo, enjoyed an adult dinner out at Spagio, stayed in our jammies till lunchtime and took turns checking for holes in our eyelids... The dads spent an evening sipping beer at Barley's and the moms spent an afternoon getting pedicures... Celia and Ellie shared toys and watched Word World together. And it's true, they are both Sweet as Candy!


Grandma Jan said...

How fortunate the 6 of you are to have each other. And I'll bet the new babies can't wait to join the families and find out what all the laughing is about!

The Wendels said...

How lucky you all are!

Poppy John said...

Andy my boy and Jenni baby,
Do Cory and Bridget have internet access where they live in Iowa? Do they hook a computer to the A/C adapter on their tractor, or what?

Will they even "get" O-H-I-O,wa?


P.S. Did Ellie have corn with every meal? Just curious.

Andy and Jenni said...

To follow up on Poppy John's comment, we'd like to apologize to Cory and Bridget and other Iowans who may read the blog.
To answer his questions, no Ellie doesn't even seem to like corn, and no they don't have internet in their huge mansion so they take the tractor to the Ankeny library and wait their turn for the town's Apple IIe.
And, dear Iowa friends, take heart -- Poppy John lives in West Virginia, where he makes moonshine in his outhouse. But, Celia loves him despite his obsession for Nascar and his propensity for road kill stew.

Christy said...

The girls are adorable! Glad to hear you had some good times before the new arrival.
Blessings to you,

Adam and Vicky said...

Glad it was a wonderful visit! Ellie and Celia look adorable together!