[photo credit: Grandpa Rod]

(as sung to tune of Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof by Grandma Rosie)

Messmaker, messmaker, make me a mess
You do it well, I must confess
You can get cereal everywhere,
Especially in your hair!

Well, now you know where Celia was while her parents and Colby were out buttsledding! Funny how the words to songs you haven’t sung in twenty-some years come right back to grandparents – a few genuine lyrics as well as those you made up for fun. I frequently sang the above version of Matchmaker to Jenni and Kate when they were little, and the first verse came back into my head this weekend while Celia was enjoying oatmeal and peaches for breakfast. (I trace her affinity for peaches back to my father, who always welcomed peaches in any form, but most especially in ice cream.) Celia never fails to make that “Mmmm – mmm” good sound that lets you know she’s enjoying a meal. Of course, messmaking eventually led to bathtime last Saturday night… and you already know how much she loves splashing and bubbles and water. After bathtime, Celia got to rub on some of my special lavender chamomile lotion… which led, not surprisingly, to a mostly made-up rendition of "Lavender’s blue, silly Celie, lavender’s green… "


Andy and Jenni said...

I looked in my baby book for the rest of the Messmaker lyrics... I know I've seen them. They must be in Kate's baby book. If not, we'll just have to make up more verses :)

Joce said...

Grandmas know the best old things to have fun with their grandchildren after all most everything they do with them was tested on the grandchild's parent. Traditions Go ON & ON.
Makes memories flow. Jenni & Kate remember brushing our teeth at the spigot after a night at the shack.
Looks like Celia loved the sink bath. And a massage from grandma with lavender chamomile lotion is something I envy!!!!!