Our laptop is broken. Andy says at the hospital they have a downtime back-up plan, so when their computers don't work, the patients are okay. Unfortunately we don't have an alternative protocol to follow during downtime. Fortunately, none of our lives depend upon blogging or functioning computers. (We're currently visiting G 'Ro and using her computer to post this message.) We've been told it might take 7 - 10 days for repairs... so we won't be able to update our blog for awhile. Maybe I'll catch up with my laundry after all!



The Wendels said...

We have one you're welcome to use, however you must sit in a dark room to see the screen and you can't move too quickly or the screen with flop completely backwards and hit your lap. But with all her quirks....she gets the job done!

Pam Sovik said...

I believe laundry is seriously overrated! It's SO WONDERFUL to be able to keep track of your lives, the good, the bad, AND the ugly, through technology. Enjoy the "downtime" without a computer, but don't waste much of it on laundry!!

Thinking of you lots!!

Pam Sovik

Beth Ann said...

I will miss you guys, one of my connections to the outside world...The question I have is one we have pondered at book club. Will the clean laundry not only get folded, but also put away? And, yes I mean in drawers and closets, the basket doesn't count :) !?!?!?! That would be a monumental feat as we all know!