What next?

We like to put our kids in things. We put Celia in a pumpkin for her first Halloween, and in a gift bag for her first birthday. We've shared shots of Tucker on a scale and in our Betz crock. It's funny now and perhaps the pictures will embarrass Tucker later... We have some ideas for future props, but would love for this post to help us generate more. We know we have some very creative readers out there and we invite you to chime in (or e-mail us!) with suggestions as to what else we could put him in... preferably something cute and embarrassing!


Poppy John said...

Cute and embarrassing???

Put him in a suitcase...(labeled...need ride to Ann Arbor).
Place him in front of your house while wearing his little Michigan shirt.
P.S. Be careful not to do this on "trash" day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chuckle. I'll start thinking! :)

The Vehorn Family said...

Ideas -
A big work boot
a old wash basin
a flower pot
a stocking (for christmas cards)