One day...

A Jewish proverb says "God could not be everywhere. That is why he made mothers."

One day a year to celebrate our mothers, wives, sisters (in-law) is ridiculous. The mothers I know deserve to be celebrated every day. Mothers love unconditionally. They work tirelessly. They give without hesitation or reservation. Most importantly they put up with their husbands and sons!

Mothers are not made they are born. Watching a mother be born and then born again with our children has been the most incredible transformation I have ever seen. Not unlike our Very Hungry Caterpillar stuck in her cocoon. The best part is that I get to see this beautiful butterfly fly each and every day.

Happy Mother's Day Jenni!


The Wendels said...

And Jenni is one of the best that I'm honored to know.

Joce said...

Happy Mother's Day Jenni!
Brian and Joyce

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

You ARE a wonderful mother!!!
Just curious...should I communicate with Hallmark about adding a special day for exceptional daughters like you?

Happy Mother's Day &
Love to all 4