cupcakes from 3.2008, Cel's 1st birthday party

Have you heard the word "cupcaking"? According to People Magazine (Dear Internet, I know about reliable sources. This is my blog. I don't have to justify my bibliography to cyberspace.) this new expression means getting back to basics and being joyful, appreciating the simpler things in life.
Although occasionally we lose sight of the simple, joyful things, in general the four of us are fairly proficient cupcakers. Sometimes, none of us gets dressed till well after noon. We spend time together on blankets on the floor, babies, parents, dog, playing with toys and with each other. We stroll to the library, or to the local ice cream shop, once we've gotten dressed, of course. We nap together in the backyard hammock. We sing along, uninhibited, to the radio, or make up songs of our own. We sip sweet sun tea, steeped on the back deck, and fill the mantle and the windowsills with flowers dunked in mason jars and old soda bottles.
In fact, now that I think about it, perusing People Magazine might even qualify as cupcaking, too.
How do you cupcake?


Anonymous said...

I definitely cupcake by reading People...reading anything I can get my hands on actually...facebook...reading blogs ;) ... watching TV...playing with the kids...I could go on and on...I guess I'm pretty good at it too!!

Nikki said...

Cupcaking sounds wonderful. We should all do it more.

Poppy John said...

On the dock...watching water and cows...with a bucket of beer...no neighbors for hundreds of yards...with my best friend and our dog and cat sleeping nearby.

Pam Sovik said...

Canoeing! I just bought a used canoe and am looking forward to cupcaking in it! Want to borrow it?

Beth Ann said...

Reading reading reading, playing outside (meaning emptying EVERYTHING from the garage that qualifies as a toy and dumping it in the front yard),playing inside (ditto on dumping out all we own), guilty pleasure TV shows (I mean reality TV not inappropriate adult shows), working in the yard, taking walks and bike rides, swimming where ever we can get wet...wow, we're not as boring as I once thought.

The Wendels said...

Love those cupcakes!

Joce said...

Cupcaking on the back deck watching the Koi in the pond and the lotus and water lily water plants for the next blooming. There's great serenity observing the mating of the dragon flies, the frogs, feeding eastern bluebirds, and hummingbirds. And of course sharing our little bit of paradise with friends and family. A great place to do Suduko, sip a refreshing drink and laugh. Wishing you could join us.