Dirt and Noise

I ran across a definition a few days ago, one that, on one hand kind of scares me, and on the other, I am in love with.

boy, noun - a noise with dirt on it

I am a confessed clean freak. Seriously. We don't wear shoes in our house, I chase Colby's hair around with a Swiffer all day and wipe off the kitchen counters after breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I'm not a big fan of noise. I'm always turning down the volume on the television, dialing the radio knob lower, asking kids to use their inside voices...

Lately, Tucker is covered with spitup, and occasionally his diaper leaks. He cries, loudly, a fair bit, and coos frequently. And I understand that these things, the dirt and the noise, will only be amplified in months and years to come. And I really can't wait.JEB


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Way cool creek picture!
Is Tucker looking at his duck?
Just curious.

Love to all 4

Clarks said...

Love the definition of boy. I am sure we will be sharing lots of stories about noise and dirt in the future. The noise part is already starting here... they have certainly discovered their voices.

Anonymous said...

I was scared of the thought of boys b/c, you know, it was just my mom, me and Hilary. But you know what?? BOYS ARE THE GREATEST!! I love my girl too...but boys are awesome!! :)

Nikki said...

I'm glad you figured this out so early. Apparently for boys, dirt = fun; more dirt = more fun; and more dirt + noise= extreme fun.