In One Month

I am not a runner. If I jog, I prefer to stop often. You know, to adjust my shoelaces, or smell a flower, or retie my ponytail. Important stops.
I do like to swim. Andy even awarded me the title of the “fastest Betz in water.” I was really fast, when I was fourteen. But those were twenty-five meter races. I barely had to pause to breathe, the distance was so short. And now, I do lazy laps at the in-laws' pool, if I’m feeling energetic.
And, I do not ride a bike. Once, during high school, Andy’s family took me with them to Snowshoe, during the off season. We rented bikes (meaning they paid for me to borrow a bike) and started off along a trail. Except the trail was made of boulders, in my book. And I couldn’t do it. I didn’t like it. Growing up on the farm, I used four-wheelers and golf carts to get around, and I wasn’t a seasoned bike-rider. So while the rest of the Betz family rode on, I quit and went back to where we started (it was still within view because I didn't ride very far because, like I’ve indicated, I am not a bike rider). Instead, I spent the day in the creek. As I've mentioned, I do like the water.

All this to say, I couldn’t do what Mandy is doing. I couldn’t run or swim or bike one mile, let alone one hundred forty. In one day! I couldn't do it. But she can. And she will, in one month, do it for Celia. And we will be forever grateful.


Celia's pictured here in one of several positioners we brought home, on loan, from the medical equipment store. Once we've determined what makes her most comfortable, we'll be able to make a purchase using money Mandy has raised for Celia. Money many of you, our blog readers, have generously shared. Again, we will be forever grateful.


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful....you have such a great friend in Mandy!!

Christy said...

That chair is just like the Tumble Form Emma has from the school district. Does Celia like it?

Poppy John said...

Jenny Baby,

I'm with you...the other day a homeless man with a bike gave me a ride on the handlebars to go "one" block!
Poppy John Freaking Guarantee(PJFG)...
We LOVE Mandy!

L2A4 !

esmoore_4 said...

what an amazing young lady. love to all

Guilty Money said...

Can I just say how beautiful Cel's hair is?? For reals.
Also, amAZING what Mandy is doing!