Fall Break

The mums in our yard are mingling.  Accepting nature's invitation to some festal affair, the bright buds waltz in the wind.  Also, they get smashed underfoot, or underbutt.
And the leaves, relaxed into rainbows and raked into piles, are resting.
We're hoping to do some dancing and mingling, and some resting and relaxing, this weekend.
More after Monday...


Christy said...

Hope your weekend is full of lovely fall stuff.

andrea | jene said...

"underbutt" I Love it!! That is going to be my new word of the week.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
How about "bum smashed mum"? Say that 3 times quickly. I knew that you would try.


P.S. Our neighbor was vacationing in India and a monkey stole his I-phone. Seriously.