Good Grief

Charlie Brown, Halloween 2010
This week Tucker learned what sad means.
I heard the toilet seat being closed, repeatedly, and discovered he'd been putting wooden puzzle pieces into the bowl.  Fortunately he didn't flush.  I kneeled down and asked him to stop, explained that it would ruin his toys, that it was yucky, and that it made me sad.  In the scheme of things, soggy, germy puzzles is the least of my worries.  Tucker seems to pay closer attention to our moods these days though -- "Mommy sad."  "Daddy sad."  "Colby sad."  He overstates it, but sometimes he's right.
Tuck, on the other hand, is rarely sad.  And who would be, with cozy holiday jammies and pockets full of Halloween candy?

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Christy said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think I can handle all of that cuteness! Lovin' that Charlie Brown outfit!

Debi said...

Too cute! The perfectCharlie Brown!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby and Andy My Boy,
I've been out of town and just returned to all of those cute pics! Don't let "Lucy" hold for Tuck's place kicks.


Christmas ideas for Grandma Sandy...says she would like to have a Sony Walkman and one of those new flip-phones.
Wow...welcome to 1998.

Susan said...

To be honest, until you mentioned it, I never even noticed the ads. We are all just enjoying your pictures!