Maybe Latering

There was plenty to do today.  There always is.  But of all the decisions I made and all the choices I chose, the best ones -by far- were the ones I might have saved for later.  The ones I might've thought we needed to plan for.  I am not a particularly spontaneous person.  I mean, I'll pause in the kitchen to embrace Andy, dishwater dripping from my hands.  And I'll abandon clean socks mid-match to read Hello, Brutus for the gobzillionth time.  But today I did some of the things I don't always give myself permission to do.  And looking back over the day, those were the best parts.  The parts that were unnecessary.  Unnecessary, but essential.  A few years ago I might've maybe latered.  I might have let cluttered countertops and dirty floors and errands and to-do lists get between me and Andy and our children and our friends, but not today.
No time for passion, no time for play?  I wish for there never to be such a constraint on my clock. 



Aunt Linda said...

I LOVE this pic of Tuck! He's such a joy!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Cool pic! You would have that "circle playset" in your back yard if my dad was still around. Growing up, we were very poor...but dishonest. Dad always said, "If something is worth having, it's worth stealing."


P.S. I lost 7,000 dollars playing Scrabble against rapper Jay-Z. He busted me on "drizzah"...triple word score.

Anonymous said...

I am really, really struggling lately with this very thing. Thank you for the adorable reminder.

The Vehorn Family said...

So true... so often my struggle!